Western Primary School

Western Primary School is part of the Federation with Scartho nursery School.

Western Primary School provides a stimulating environment where curiosity is welcomed, enquiry encouraged and an excitement of learning is fostered. We try to enhance the life of each child, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to take a full part in society.

We promote understanding and respect for democracy, tolerance, fairness and respect for self, others and the environment and encourage collaborative learning. We also enable pupils to distinguish between right and wrong and accept responsibility for actions and behaviours.

We enable each child to feel pride in their efforts and to have confidence in their own abilities.  We are striving to achieve a successful school of which staff, children, parents and the community will be proud and where all are welcomed, feel safe & secure and valued.


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As some children in Years Rec, 1 and 6 will be returning to school tomorrow, we will be making some small changes to home learning on Beanstalk. When you log in, you will need to look for your child's year group tile rather than class. Other than that, everything remains the same.

Parents of children in Reception or Star room - we are in the process of getting those tiles changed over but currently they are not visible. Hopefully we will have this sorted for you soon.

Please get in contact here if you have any queries and we can direct them to the appropriate member of staff.

It seems that some of the new tiles are not visible to parent accounts yet. Please bear with us and hopefully things will be up and running soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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If your child requires new items of school uniform please send the request written down with the correct money with your child and the items of uniform will be sent home with them. We will not be able to give out change.

Items of uniform are available in the following sizes:

Age 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/10/11/12 and 13.

T - Shirts = £5

Jumpers = £8

Cardigans = £8.50

Please also make sure that children are wearing shoes which they can take on and off themselves. Please try and send your child with a sunhat and suncream which they can leave at school.
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Just a few polite reminders for the parents of children who will be at/returning to school on Monday including those children of key workers.

- There will be no breakfast club (unless you have an arrangement with school due to working hours).

- All reception and key stage 1 children will receive a free lunch to save them bringing packed lunch boxes in to school.

- Children should not bring bags or book bags into school.

- Children who are bringing their own packed lunch should bring their lunch in a bag which can be disposed of at the end of lunch.

- Children may bring a reusable water bottle but this must stay at school (it will be washed each night by staff).

- Children must not come to school on a bike or scooter as there will be no storage for them available.

- Children (including key worker children) should be in full school uniform with shoes which they can take off and put on by themselves.

Please also take note of the different drop off and pick up arrangements in the pinned post.

If you have any questions or queries please let us know. Thank you for your understanding.
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Wider reopening of the school to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

Start of the Day

Key Worker Children: 8:45 am
- Reception: 8.50 am
- Year 1: 9.15 am
- Year 6: 9.00am

There will be NO BREAKFAST CLUB unless you have made arrangements with the school directly due to your working hours.

Reception children must be brought to their normal gate and will be met by an adult.

All other children will be met at the gate at the bottom of the path.

Gates will then be locked. If your child is late you must ring the office so an adult can come to collect them from the gate.

End of School Day

Children should be collected at the following times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
- Reception: 2.00 pm From the Reception Gate
- Year 1: 2.00 pm
- Year 6: 2.30 pm
- Key Worker Children 2:15pm (unless other arrangements have been made with the school)


On Fridays pick - up time will be:
- Reception: 12.30 pm
- Year 1: 12.30 pm
- Year 6: 12.45 pm
- Key Worker children: 1.00 (unless other arrangements have been made with the school)

Y1, Y6 and Key Worker Children should be collected by ONE PARENT ONLY. Parents and carers should keep to 2m markings, enter the playground through the double gate and follow the one way system. Staff will send your child to you when you reach the front of the queue.

The School Day

Children will be in groups of no more than 10 with the same members of staff all day every day.

Children will be socially distanced at all times and will not be able to share equipment or toys in the classroom or at playtimes/lunchtimes.

Each group will have their own designated toilets.

Children will not be able to use their lockers so please only send them with their lunch – this should be in a carrier bag which can be thrown away at the end of lunchtime and must be taken into their classroom with them.

NO book bags/homework books/home can be brought in to school. This includes the work the children have been doing at home since school closed.

Children MUST NOT bring bikes or scooters to school.

Children may bring a reusable water bottle but these will need to stay in school. They will be cleaned in the dishwasher at the end of each day and filled with fresh water the next morning before the children return to school.

Any child who shows intentional poor behaviour that affects the safety of the other children and staff will be sent home and not be allowed to return.

Arrangements for break times and lunch times.

Children will not be able to socialise with other groups. They will be encouraged to stay 2m apart from the other children in their own group.

Lunches will be pack up only – Reception, Year One and Keyworker children will receive Universal free school meals – so the children do not need to bring packed lunch boxes in to school.

Year Six children will have to bring their lunch (in a carrier bag) unless they receive a free school meal. Lunches must be taken to your child’s classroom with them.

Children will have their lunch in their classroom with their teacher and have a designated space in the playground and on the field where they can go for fresh air and to socialise with the children and staff in their group.


If your child is poorly in school, and their illness is possibly a symptom of COVID 19, we will place your child in a comfortable, safe room away from their group, and will contact you as parents to take your child home. They will be monitored by staff who will have to wear PPE.

The rest of your child’s group and the staff attached to that group will then be sent home.

Your child will then needed to be tested for COVID 19.

If your child tests positive, then they must be isolated for 7 days. The rest of your family must isolate for 14 days as must the rest of the class and the staff involved.

If your child is poorly and their illness is not a symptom of Covid 19, please use the usual systems in school and contact us at the start of the day. Sickness bugs are still the usual 48 hours

Other Information

There are times when our staff may need to wear PPE for their own protection and we do hope it will not upset your children too much.

Children are NOT allowed to wear masks whilst at school due to health and safety guidance.

When you child returns to school, please could you let us know if we have your permission to put sun lotion on. We will provide the sun lotion and the staff will administer this using PPE.

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 and they are accepting their place at school they must attend every day (unless you have made other arrangements with the school). If you or your child decides that they no longer want to attend their place with be given to another child and they will be unable to return to school.

If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
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