PE and Sports Premium

At Western Primary School we believe that physical education is a key part of the curriculum. Physical activity promotes the knowledge and understanding of personal health and physical development as well as having a positive impact on academic achievement and improving interactions with others. Through physical education, children can develop body awareness, self-esteem and skills such as teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship. It develops children’s physical competence and confidence, as well as their ability to use these qualities to perform a range of activities. It is important that children experience a wide range of physical activities that are enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular. The children participate in a vast number of physical activities including: gymnastics, dance, games, athletics, outdoor and adventure and swimming. Teachers deliver a motivating and high quality programme that is designed to challenge and meet the needs of all individual children.

All primary schools receive Sports Premium funding based on the number of pupils they have in Years 1 to 6 and this funding should be used to improve the quality of PE and sport in the school. The document below shows how we have spent the funding for the last academic year and the impact that it has had upon our school.

The documents below outline how we plan to use the sports premium funding this year

2019/2020 Action Plan


Our current year 6 cohort have accessed both year 2 and year 4 swimming lessons, enabling them to learn the vital life skill of water survival. The end of KS2 target is for children to be able to swim a minimum of 25m unaided.

72% of  Year 6 children achieved this target, with those needing it, accessing extra session in Year 6 to bring them up to the required standards.  These sessions are funded through the Sports Premium.

PE Events
7th May 2019
Y1 Cricket Festival
9th July 2019
Quad Kids
Placed 2nd and qualified for county final
21sty May 2019
KS2 Inclusive cricket
13th June 2019
Y5/6 Tri Golf
1st place. Qualified for county final.
13th June 2019
Y5/6 Football
20th June 2019
Y5/6 Netball
25th June 2019
Y5/6 Orienteering
Finished 5th out of 28.
27th June 2019
Y5 Rounders
3rd July 2019
Y2 Quad Kids
8th place out of 26.
27th June 2019
Y3/4 Quad Kids
Finished 6th in county.
26th Sept 2019
Y5/6 Girls Football Tournament
1st Oct 2019
Y5/6 Boys Football Tournament
9th Oct 2019
Intra School dodgeball
Whole school participated.
10th Oct 2019
Y4/5 Football Tournament
7th November 2019
KS2 New Age Kurling ompetition
18th November 2019
Year 5/6 Badminton competition
All children received medals for sportsmanship.
20th November 2019
20th November 2019
Intra school hockey tournament - all children in KS1 participated on behalf of their house teams. Victory went to team LIGHTNING!
21st November 2019
Indoor Athletics, Year 5/6
6th position within our heat.
21st November 2019
Qialified for the 'B' final for teams coming 8th-16th across NE Lincs
2nd December 2019
Sports Leader Confernce
8 Children from Y5 attended
9th December 2019
KS2 Panathlon at Beacon Academy
28th Jan 2020
Year 4 Dodgeball
18 Children attended. We achieved a 3r and a 4th place.
31st Jan 2020
KS2 Football
1 win, 3 draws, 1 lost