Year 5 and 6 – Week Commencing 27th November 2017

Miss Hanslip – Year 5 

In Maths we will be looking at fractions. They will be learning to write improper fractions as mixed numbers and vice versa; compare and order fractions with related denominators; add and subtract fractions with related denominators; find fractions of amounts.

In English we will be producing non chronological reports about the different planets.

In Science we will be learning about Friction.

In Topic we will be making our model rockets.


Mrs Baker – Year 5

There are only 11 of us this week due to Wick Court so we have lots of fun learning activities planned. We will be working together on Maths mysteries, producing leaflets for The National Space Centre, Maths money problem solving and designing rockets!


Mrs Newton – Year 6

Mrs Newton is at Wick Court with the majority of Year 6 this week. The children who haven’t gone will be working with Mrs Mumby on lots of fun activities which will help them practise much needed SATs skills.


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